Alan Keating Excited for Return to Hustler Casino Live

Alan Keating Excited for Return to Hustler Casino Live

Cash game fans, mark your calendars. Hustler Casino Live has announced a brand new week of Super High Stakes action featuring the return of one of their most popular players, Alan Keating.

Set to kick off on Monday, November 27, itll be five straight days of $100/$200 cash game action. The week will wrap up on Friday, December 1 with a 24-hour stream, which HCL boasts as the first of its kind in poker history.

The lineup is set to include a whos who of HCL nosebleed regulars including Andy Stacks, Nik Airball Arcot, Prince Charles, Brandon Steven, Santosh, and Doordash co-founder Stanley Tang, among others.

Even with all those notable names, its clear that Keating is the main attraction. While $100/$200 is indeed high stakes, and there have been plenty of six-figure pots in the nearly six months since Mr. Keating’ last appeared on the show. But when Keating has taken a seat on HCL in the past, fireworks usually follow. The last time he made an appearance was during Hustler Casino Lives historic Million Dollar Game where he sat with more than $1.1 million and walked away down more than $650,000 by the end of the night.

Keating was also the breakout star of one of HCLs most popular games of all time, when he battled with the likes of popular online personalities like Mr. Beast, Ninja, xQc, Alexandra Botez as well as poker superstars Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan – a session that saw him drop a seven-figure sum.

But its not the wins or losses that have brought Keating his fans – its his willingness to make moves with nearly any two cards in the deck. A prime example was when Keating won which was, at the time, the biggest pot in U.S. history holding Alan_Keating_Excited_for_Return_to_Hustler_Casino_LiveAlan_Keating_Excited_for_Return_to_Hustler_Casino_Live.

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