Carnage on Night 1 of Hustler Casino Live’s Super High Stakes Week

Carnage on Night 1 of Hustler Casino Live’s Super High Stakes Week

Hustler Casino Live is at it again, bringing some of the wildest nosebleed cash game players in poker together for a week of unbridled, sometimes unhinged, high-stakes action.

More than 12,000 viewers tuned into the opening night festivities of Super High Stakes Week as the likes of Brandon Steven, Mariano, Santhosh Suvarna, and Martin Kabrhel headlined a table of $100/$200/$400 stakes with the minimum buy-in of $100,000.

Over the course of more than six hours, the lineup played hand-after-clip-worthy-hand of big pot poker. However, no one player found themselves in the middle of the action more than Hustler Casino Live regular and self-described crypto nomad Prince Charles.

Charles battled in some of the biggest pots of the night and with most of them not going his way, and despite showing plenty of heart, he ended up bowing out early after a nightly loss of more than $715,000.

In an early indication of how the night was going to go, Charles and Santosh battled over a $168K pot in which Charles found himself on the river with fourth pair and a missed open-ended straight draw which, as it turned out, was an improbable best hand.

Not too long after, Charles picked up pocket queens and was pushing the action. But after Brandon Steven flopped open-ended, the pair found themselves building a pot of more than $400,000 – one of the biggest of the night. The pair ran it twice, but it was not enough to bail Charles out of a tough beat.

$404,000 POT!!

Action flop + action turn leads to a huge pot between @ICTMoxie & @yuchao

Tune in NOW for SUPER HIGH STAKES $100/200/400:

— Hustler Casino Live (@HCLPokerShow) November 28, 2023

The final straw for Charles was almost the polar opposite of the hand from above. In this one, Kabrhel held the pocket queens and Charles flopped open-ended. When the turn brought Charles the additional strength of top pair, he and Kabrhel got all the money in the middle for another massive six-figure pot. Looking for max pain, Kabrhel declared that he wanted to run it once and a brick river for Charles ended his session for the evening.

$194,000 POT!@yuchao is ALL IN again with plenty of outs vs @martinkabrhell

Rough day for Charles, as he lost over $700,000

Tune in NOW for SUPER HIGH STAKES $100/200/400:

— Hustler Casino Live (@HCLPokerShow) November 28, 2023

Has anyone put on a show just like Charles put on a show, said HCL commentator DGAF, giving props to Charles ability to battle all night.

Charles said his goodbyes, but his fans wont have to wait for long to see him on the show again with him slated to be in action no later than Wednesday and then again on Thursday when he will join Rampage, Andy Stacks, and Nik Airball in another night of $100/$200.

The week will conclude on Friday with a 24-hour stream that marks the return of Alan Keating to the show.

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