Glory For Geilich: Scotsman Takes Down 888poker LIVE Coventry High Roller

Glory For Geilich: Scotsman Takes Down 888poker LIVE Coventry High Roller

Ludovic Geilich warmed up for the 888poker LIVE Coventry Main Event in style by taking down the 2,000 High Roller for 40,870. Geilich came out on top of a 70-strong field, which was packed with the most recognizable names in British poker, and helped himself to the lion's share of the 132,160 prize pool.

Gelich's Coventry victory marks the second time in 2023 that the popular Scotsman has come out on top in a major live event. He won the 1,000 GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event in May for 79,590, and it would take a brace person to bet against Geilich completing a hat trick when he enters one of the final two flights of the 888poker LIVE Coventry Main Event.

888poker LIVE Coventry High Roller Final Table Results

1Ludovic Geilich40,870
2Ryan Otto26,930
3Nathan Jones17,940
4Robbie Bull12,440
5Smit Trivedi9,230
6Kevin Allen6,920
7Keith Johnson5,390
8Mitch Johnson4,480
9Ryan Mandara4,000

The final nine players shared the prize pool, with Ryan Mandara, the 2018 Irish Open champion, falling in ninth for 4,000. Mandara found himself all-in with pocket jacks against Nathan Jones' ace-king. The coinflip went Jones' way courtesy of a king on the turn.

Mitch Johnson bowed out in eighth after shoving his last six big blinds with seven-six suited, and Ryan Otto called with ace-ten. Johnson spiked a seven on the flop but lost to a ten on the river, resigning Johnson to a 4,480 payout.

Seventh place went to Keith Johnson, who was all-in from the hijack for seven big blinds with ace-deuce, and Smit Trivedi called in the big blind with the dominating ace-jack. Neither player connected with the community cards, and Johnson's inferior kicker cost him his stack and place in the High Roller.

Geilich Eliminates a Dangerous Opponent

The final six became five with the elimination of Kevin Allen, who busted at Geilich's hands. Allen's last six big blinds went into the middle with ace-deuce, and Geilich called with ace-nine of diamonds. A nine on the flop left Allen drawing thin, but he couldn't get there, and had to make do with 6,920 in prize money.

Trivedi was the next to fall, doing so after a clash with Geilich did not go to plan. Trivedi jammed for ten big blinds with king-queen, and Geilich snapped him off with ace-king. Trivedi was already on his feet and putting his coat on when Geilich flopped trip aces; Trivedi was drawing dead on the turn. 9,230 was Trivedi's payout.

Trivedi's seat hadn't gone cold when Robbie Bull found himself with fresh air where his chips once stood. Bull open-shoved for eight big blinds with pocket deuces, but Bull did not count on Jones waking up in the big blind with pocket kings. Jones had one of the easiest calls of hs career, and call he did. The kings held, and Bull busted, getting his hands on the first five-figure score of the evening, namely 12,440.

Jones, who was at his third final table of the series, scooped a career-best 17,940 with a third-place finish in the High Roller. Jones looked down at queen-nine, and moved all-in for seven big blinds. Gelich called with pocket sevens, and the Scottish grinder easily won the coinflip with a full house on the river.

Geilich went into the heads-up battle with Otto holding a colossal 61 to eight big blind advantage, and it did not take long for Geilich to ride home the victory despite Otto doubling through the champion elect early into the one-on-one battle.

The final hand was the 209th of the final table and started with a 120,000 limp from Otto with ten-nine of spades, a raise to 340,000 from Geilich with pocket kings, and a call from Otto. The dealer fanned the king-nine-five flop, Geilich led for 165,000, and Otto called. Geilich fired again on an offsuit jack, making it 385,000 to continue, and Otto refused to go away. The river was a three. Geilich moved all-in, and Otto tanked before incorrectly deciding that Geilich had his hands in the cookie jar, and he called. Geilich's set of kings demolished Otto's pair of nines.

Otto collected 26,930, while Geilich pocketed 40,870.

Attention Turns to the Main Event

Day 1C of the 888poker LIVE Coventry Main Event shuffles up and deals at 12:00 p.m. UK time on October 27, and it should be the busiest flight yet. Some 265 players have bought in across the opening two flights. Day 1D, a turbo-structured flight, takes place from 8:00 p.m. UK also on October 27.

Follow all of the action from the 888 buy-in 888poker LIVE Coventry Main Event right here at PokerNews.


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