Jennifer Tilly Gets Owned By Aggro Rick Salomon on High Stakes Poker

Jennifer Tilly Gets Owned By Aggro Rick Salomon on High Stakes Poker

It was a session to forget for Jennifer Tilly on the 10th episode of High Stakes Poker Season 11. The Bride of Chucky star's luck couldn't have been any worse, especially against Rick Salomon.

The two high-stakes poker players battled in some huge pots in a $200/$400 no-limit hold'em game, which aired Monday night on PokerGO. They weren't the only ones in the game, but they were the focal point of the show.

Two individuals made their High Stakes Poker debuts on Episode 10 Justin Gavri and Bobo Chann, whom you may have seen quite a few times on Hustler Casino Live. The table also included Rob Yong, Jean-Robert Bellande, and Brandon Steven.

Any Two Cards for Salomon

Rick Salomon got the show started by doing Rick Salomon things three-betting with 10x6, flopping a pair and taking down the pot against a real hand.

On the next hand, with the board showing 2A99 and A10 in the hole, the former Mr. Pamela Anderson put Chann all in for his $70,000 stack with $45,000 in the pot. The wager was enough to convince 54 a straight draw to fold.

Salomon wasnt done pushing the table around. One hand later, the recreational high roller, in the $3,200 triple straddle position with A5, faced a $10,000 raise from Tilly, who had A6. He went for a massive three-bet to $110,000, enough to exactly cover his opponent, and took down the pot.

The loose-aggressive poker player again tangled with the talented actress on the ensuing hand. With AJ, Tilly raised to $5,000. Salomon then three-bet to $65,000 with KQ, putting her all in (there was a gap between live action and this hand, which is why Tillys stack had decreased since the last hand).

This time, Tilly looked him up and they agreed to run it twice. On the first board, the cards came out 43Q75, giving Salomon a freeroll. Hed collect the entire $135,000 pot when K4849 appeared on the second board, both times winning with top pair.

Rick Salomon Hits Monster Hands on HSP

Tilly Cant Catch a Break Against Salomon

Tilly and Salomon have faced off many times, including on High Stakes Poker. Shes won some hands, hes won some hands. But on this day, it was a one-sided affair.

In another early pot, after Tilly bought back into the game, she put her entire $97,000 stack in the middle with 99 against, you guessed it Salomon, who was actually out in front this time with 1010. And once again, he would go on to scoop the pot, this one worth $196,000, after two runouts.

Updated stack sizes at the time were then shown on PokerGO following another Tilly rebuy, and they were as follows:

PlayerChip Stack
Rob Yong$510,200
Rick Salomon$426,900
Jean-Robert Bellande$180,200
Brandon Steven$168,800
Jennifer Tilly$100,000
Bobo Chann$84,100
Justin Gavri$79,800

Bellande Makes Salomon Think

Salomon would find someone else to pick on shortly after. More specifically, Brandon Steven, a car dealership owner from Kansas. But the outcome would turn out differently than against Tilly.

With over $56,000 in the pot and Salomon holding K4 for trips on a board of 4Q49, the aggressive high roller faced a brutal river card 3 as it gave Steven and his 33 a two-outer for a winning full house.

Steven, with $142,000 behind, led for $50,000 and then snap-called an all in bet. He collected all $341,700 from that crazy pot. On the next hand, Bobo hit quads and won a $32,900 pot against Salomon, who was heading in the opposite direction from where he began the show.

Tilly would then continue her horrendous luck with KJ on a flop of 665 when she moved all in and received a call from Bobos 88. With $261,500 in the middle, she would once again lose both run outs, missing her flush draw and two over cards twice.

Moments later, with the same top pair but a better kicker than Salomon had, she would again lose a pot when her opponent hit runner-runner straight. Facing a river raise from $15,000 to $65,000, she wisely found a fold to save some money.

On the final hand of the episode, Salomon showed why his over-aggression often gets him into trouble and puts him in some difficult spots. The board showed 799103 and the co-star of an infamous Paris Hilton sex tape bet $50,000 into a pot of $76,700 with JJ.

Bellande, who was mostly quiet throughout the show, would make his presence felt when he raised to $110,000 with 86, good for a straight.

I dont think I can fold, Salomon said as he pondered his move, realizing the juicy pot odds with an over pair.

Salomon was unable to find a fold and called off another $60,000, while JRB shipped the $296,700 pot, the second biggest of the session.

Episode 11 of High Stakes Poker Season 11 will air next Monday (October 30) at 5 p.m. PT on PokerGO.

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