LuiMartins Goes Post to Post and Wins 888poker $100K Mystery Bounty

LuiMartins Goes Post to Post and Wins 888poker $100K Mystery Bounty

Brazilian sensation "LuiMartins" sat down at the $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event final table at 888poker with the chip lead in tow, and less than 90 minutes later, they had all the chips in play in their stack, and $8,288 in prize money tucked away in their account.

The tournament attracted 1,003 entrants, including re-entries, ensuring the $100,000 guarantee was beaten by $3,000. The mystery bounties came into play after the completion of the 18th level, including a massive $10,000 jackpot. Ecuador's "Fever105" got their hands on that five-figure envelope despite busting from the tournament in 63rd place.

Day 1 concluded with only eight players, and it was "LuiMartins" that led the way with over 85 big blinds. Fellow Brazilian "Competencia" brought up the rear with an arsenal of 12 big blinds.

888poker $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Results

RankPlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize
8KavstaarXUnited Kingdom$1,185$910$2,096

"KavastaarX" of the United Kingdom was the first finalist to fall. They opened to three-times the big blind from a 12 big blind stack with ace-king under the gun, "edtastylez92" clicked it back with pocket jacks from the cutoff before calling the initial raiser's shove. A jack on the flop was bad news for "KavastaarX," and they busted despite turning a king.

Seventh place went to Romania's "Adelyn15," who shoved 7.7 big blinds from the button with ace-ten, and "PosserBros" called from the big blind with queen-jack. A queen appeared on the flop, which was enough to send the Romanian to the sidelines. "Adelyn15" picked up $1,202 in prize money but a cool $3,640 in bounties thanks to pulling out a $3,000 bounty earlier in the event.

The final six became five after the untimely demise of "Competencia." They were down to 8.5 big blinds when they committed their stack with ace-seven, and "8_8__8" called in the big blind with king-queen. The ace-seven remained best on the flop, but a queen on the turn caused a seismic shift in the hand's course. The river bricked, and "Competencia" was gone.

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Brazil's "PosserBros" joined their compatriot on the rail after a clash with "8_8__8" did not go to plan. "8_8__8" min-raised from the button, and "PosserBros" called in the big blind. The nine-high flop saw "PosserBros" overbet shove their 10.7 big blinds into the 5.1 big blind pot, and "8_8__8" called. "PosserBros" turned queen-seven onto its back, but they had been out-flopped by queen-nine. Neither the turn nor the river caused any drama, and the final table became even shorter.

"8_8__8" was the next player finding themselves with fresh air where their chips once stood. A couple of unfortunate hands left the Lithuanian nursing a 6.2 big blind stack, and they committed those chips from the button with king-try. As luck would have it, "LuiMartins" woke up in the big blind with pocket queens and had one of the easier calls of their career. Call they did, and a few seconds later, "8_8__8" was hung out to dry.

The $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event progressed to the heads-up stage after the elimination of "gaboor" in third. "edtastyle92" min-raised on the button before calling the 18.2 big blind shove from "gaboor" from the small blind. "gaboor showed king-nine of clubs, which was flipping against pocket sevens. A nine on the flop and a king on the turn made "gaboor" a 95% favorite to double their stack. However, Lady Luck was having none of it and plonked one of the two case sevens on the river, sending a disappointed "gaboor" to the rail, albeit with $4,085 to show for their efforts.

"LuiMartins" held a near two-to-one lead over "edtastylez92" going into the one-on-one section of the tournament, and it proved a too large of a gap to bridge for the latter. Ten minutes into the clash, "LuiMartins" min-raised with pocket sixes, "edtastylez92" three-bet with ace-ten then called off the 23 big blinds they had behind when "LuiMartins" laid down the hammer. The sixes held, busting "edtastylez92" and crowning "LuiMartins" the champion. The Brazilian's victory came with $8,288 in prize money, including bounties.

The ChampionChip Games Commence On October 22

Your next opportunity to play in the $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event is this coming Sunday, October 22. That is also the date the incredible ChampionChip Games shuffle up and deal for the first time.

Although the ChampionChip Games are aimed at players who frequent tournaments with buy-ins at the more affordable end of the scale, 888poker has pushed the boat out regarding the ChampionChip Games' guaranteed prize pool, promising at least $500,000 will be awarded before the series ends on October 31.


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