Play in Bet365 Poker's First-Ever Mystery Bounty Event; 100,000 Guaranteed

Play in Bet365 Poker's First-Ever Mystery Bounty Event; 100,000 Guaranteed

Mystery bounty tournaments are all the rage right now, but they are yet to appear on the popular iPoker Network. That fact only remains true until October 21, when Bet365 Poker becomes the first site on the iPoker Network to host one of these thrilling tournaments.

Bet365 Poker is running a 100,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty tournament that has multiple Day 1s running from October 21 through November 20, with the final day scheduled for 8:30 p.m. UK time also on November 20.

Several flights shuffle up and deal daily, each costing 100 to enter, with players sitting down with 10,000 chips, and playing to a ten-minute clock. Blinds start at 50/100/8a, increasing gradually with no significant jumps. Late registration remains open for the first ten levels, but make your first bullet count because there are n re-buys or re-entries available. However, Bet365 players can enter as many Day 1s as they wish, and their stacks are combined if they progress to Day 2 more than once.

Each 100,000 Mystery Bounty flight concludes once the 14th level is done and dusted, with surviving players progressing to Day 2 on November 20. On Day 2, the mystery bounties come into play.

Once the mystery bounties are in play, one is placed on the head of each entrant. Eliminate an opponent, and the bet365 Poker software automatically reveals the bounty amount. It can be anything from a few euros to 10,000 or more; the mystery bounty amounts will be announced once the final flight finishes and the prize pool is confirmed.

How Can You Win Your Way Into the 100,000 Mystery Bounty?

Although 100 is a reasonable price to pay for a history-making 100,000 guaranteed tournament at bet365 Poker, many of our readers may not have the required bankroll size to sustain a 100 hit, or they may simply want to save themselves some money by winning their way into the tournament. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for players on a budget who want to play in the inaugural 100,000 mystery bounty event at bet365 Poker.

Traditional Satellites

Check out any of the 100K bet365 Mystery Bounty Day 1 lobbies, and you'll find several satellites listed under the "satellites" tab. There are standard 10 buy-in satellites that pay 100 tickets, and you can win your way into these 10 games for as little as 0.20.

You will even find a mention of a 100K Mystery Bounty Freeroll; more on that shortly.

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Daily Login Wheel

The Mystery Bounty Daily Login Wheel runs from 10:00 a.m. UK time on October 20 through 11:59 p.m. UK time on November 19. As the name suggests, bet365 Poker players who log into their account are greeted with a special prize wheel, which randomly awards 100,000 Mystery Bounty freeroll tickets, 100 Mystery Bounty tickets, and 4 Twister tickets, which now have tickets to the 100K Mystery Bounty available as prizes.

Complete Missions on the Road to bet365 100,000 Mystery Bounty

Head to the "missions " section of your bet365 Poker account to find some fun challenges waiting for you. Bet365 Poker awards you a free prize wheel spin (winning probabilities are shown below) each time you complete three missions. Complete all 30 to receive a free 100 ticket into the first-ever mystery bounty tournament held on the iPoker Network.

100 Mystery Bounty ticket0.5%
4 Twister satellite ticket27.7%
Prize Wheel Respin19.8%
100,000 Mystery Bounty freeroll ticket52%

Use the Power of Social Media

Bet365 Poker's Twitter/X channel is one you want to follow because it is there where you can win some mystery bounty-related prizes. Follow Bet365 Poker on Twitter/X, watch out for posts, and follow the instructions to take part in the 100,000 Mystery Bounty competition. Bet365 is putting everyone who follows the instructions laid out on its Twitter/X channel into a prize draw where 100,000 mystery bounty tickets are given away.

Start Your Bet365 Career With a 365 Welcome Bonus

You need a Bet365 Poker account to get involved in the 100,000 Mystery Bounty. Those with an account can fire up the Bet365 Poker software and start grinding those Day 1s. Anyone reading this without an account can download Bet365 Poker via PokerNews and become eligible for a sizable welcome package.

Regardless of your initial deposit size, new Bet365 Poker customers receive a 365 redeemable bonus that releases into your account as you play real money cash games and tournaments. You receive 10 Status Points for every 1 or 1 you contribute to the cash game rake or pay in tournament fees.

The first two 2.50 bonus payments will be released into your playable balance once you earn 25 and 50 Status Points, respectively. The following 24 increments land in your account each time you earn 100 Status Points, with the remaining instalments redeeming after every 250 Status Points earned.

In addition to the 365 bonus, you also reel in a 1 Twister ticket, a free spin on the Welcome Prize Wheel, and some special welcome missions where you earn one-off prizes


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