2 Title Club: Kevin Garosshen & Zakariya Mouhib Win Big at Venetian Deepstack Showdown

2 Title Club: Kevin Garosshen & Zakariya Mouhib Win Big at Venetian Deepstack Showdown

From October 2-November 11, Venetian Las Vegas played host to the DeepStack Shwodown Series, which was comprised of 57 tournaments. The series catered to 5,428 entrants and awarded $586,911 in prize money, including $75,274 in overlays paid by the Venetian.

Among those to claim titles were David Larson (Event #13: $400 NLH Epic Stack for $5,112), Susan Soto (Event #16: $200 NLH Bounty for $2,189), Michael Thach (Event #26: $300 NLH Ultimate Stack for $17,602), Gary Bolden (Event #29: $300 Big O for $3,298), Charles David (Event #37: $400 NLH Ultimate Stack for $33,676), Jon Kyte (Event #43: $800 NLH Ultimate Stack for $40,783), and Fernando Rodriguez-Vazquez (Event #54: $600 NLH Ultimate Stack for $25,006).

Two-Time Winners

There was also a pair of players who claimed two titles during the festival. Early on, Kevin Garosshen topped a field of 47 runners to win Event #3: $400 NLH Epic Stack for $6,910, and a week later best a much larger field of 293 entries to win Event #9: $400 NLH Ultimate Stack for $20,224.

On October 16, Zakariya Mouhib bested a 582-entry field to win Event #17: $300 NLH Ultimate Stack for $23,319, and then near the end of the series navigated a 72-entry field to win Event #48: $400 NLH Epic Stack for $7,341 and his second title of the series.

Event #48 Final Table Results

1Zakariya MouhibLas Vegas, NV$7,341
2Kyle DeryCanada$4,825
3Ryan HydeCastle Rock, CO$3,303
4David UyaydovStudio City, CA$2,359
6Matthew RodriguezDeadwood, SD$1,379
7Alan HughesAustin, TX$1,133
8Pierluigi ScattarelliItaly$980
9Jeremy BeckerTampa, FL$894

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Venetian Deepstack Showdown Winners

DateTournamentEntriesPrize PoolOverlayWinnerHometownPrize
10/2/23Event #1: $400 NLH Epic Stack56$20,000$1,352William AndersonPort Lavaca, TX$2,818
10/2/23Event #2: $200 NLH Bounty69$11,040$0William BradburyHenderson, NV$2,304
10/3/23Event #3: $400 NLH Epic Stack47$20,000$4,349Kevin GarosshenLas Vegas, NV$6,910
10/3/23Event #4: $200 NLH Bounty40$6,400$0Ryan DomagalskiWayne, MI$1,607
10/4/23Event #5: $400 NLH Epic Bounty111$36,963$0Anthony MarquezCamarillo, CA$5,169
10/4/23Event #6: $200 NLH Bounty54$8,640$0Juan RiedingerLos Angeles, CA$1,129
10/5/23Event #7: $500 NLH Seniors66$27,984$0David BergerLas Vegas, NV$6,085
10/5/23Event #8: $200 NLH Bounty64$10,240$0Mody RubinsteinIsrael$1,886
10/9/23Event #9: $400 NLH Ultimate Stack293$100,000$3,310Kevin GarosshenLas Vegas, NV$20,224
10/6/23Event #10: $200 NLH Bounty54$8,640$0Francisco EspinosaHarlingen, TX$1,959
10/7/23Event #11: $300 Big O Bounty27$7,500$885Stephen JohnsonLas Vegas, NV$1,498
10/9/23Event #12: $400 NLH Bounty49$20,000$3,683Stephen SolaLas Vegas, NV$4,223
10/10/23Event #13: $400 NLH Epic Stack60$20,000$20David LarsonLas Vegas, NV$5,112
10/10/23Event #14: $200 NLH Bounty66$10,560$0Liran BetitoLas Vegas, NV$2,000
10/11/23Event #15: $400 NLH Epic Bounty63$20,979$0Joy BennCanada$3,798
10/11/23Event #16: $200 NLH Bounty65$10,400$0Susan SotoLas Vegas, NV$2,189
10/16/23Event #17: $300 NLH Ultimate Stack582$139,680$0Zakariya MouhibLas Vegas, NV$23,319
10/12/23Event #18: $200 NLH Bounty66$10,560$0Kimberly OlenakLas Vegas, NV$1,647
10/13/23Event #19: $200 NLH Bounty46$7,360$0Olesya KovalHenderson, NV$1,522
10/14/23Event #20: $300 Limit Omaha 8/B30$7,500$150Grantel GibbsLas Vegas, NV$2,504
10/16/23Event #21: $400 NLH Epic Bounty94$31,302$0Joseph AltmanLas Vegas, NV$4,957
10/17/23Event #22: $400 NLH Epic Stack68$22,644$0Jack IslerWinter Park, FL$5,000
10/17/23Event #23: $200 NLH Bounty61$9,760$0Andrew FalchookCelebration, FL$1,139
10/18/23Event #24: $500 NLH Seniors85$36,040$0Michael IveyEnglewood, CO$7,440
10/18/23Event #25: $200 NLH Bounty62$9,920$0Calvin GrantRacine, WI$2,163
10/23/23Event #26: $300 Ultimate Stack507$121,680$0Michael ThachLas Vegas, NV$17,602
10/19/23Event #27: $200 NLH Bounty86$13,760$0Janet AbramsMesquite, NV$1,928
10/20/23Event #28: $200 NLH Bounty42$6,720$0Philip GillespieNorth Las Vegas, NV$1,596
10/21/23Event #29: $300 Big O49$12,005$0Gary BoldenLas Vegas, NV$3,298
10/23/23Event #30: $400 NLH Epic Bounty74$24,642$0Charles DavisLas Vegas, NV$4,081
10/24/23Event #31: $400 NLH Epic Stack40$20,000$6,680Marc WalterPepper Pike, OH$6,512
10/24/23Event #32: $200 NLH Bounty47$7,520$0Gregory RaoulFrance$1,112
10/25/23Event #33: $400 NLH Epic Stack63$20,979$0AnonymousN/A$2,842
10/25/23Event #34: $200 NLH Bounty32$5,120$0David KnudsonMontgomery, AL$703
10/26/23Event #35: $400 NLH Epic Stack81$26,973$0AnonymousN/A$6,692
10/26/23Event #36: $200 NLH Bounty66$10,560$0Mark ZimmermanGrimes, IA$1,860
11/1/23Event #37: $400 NLH Ultimate Stack574$200,000$10,580Charles DavidLas Vegas, NV$33,676
10/27/23Event #38: $200 NLH Bounty48$7,,680$0Gerald CunniffSt. Paul, MN$1,535
10/28/23Event #39: $200 NLH Bounty49$7,840$0Wesley HummelPhoenix, AZ$1,408
10/29/23Event #40: $200 NLH Bounty55$8,800$0Ronen AvramovGlendale, NY$1,663
10/30/23Event #41: $200 NLH Bounty43$6,880$0Michael HelanderKent, WA$1,341
11/1/23Event #42: $400 NLH Epic Bounty73$24,309$0Harlan MillerMandan, ND$4,011
11/5/23Event #43: $800 NLH Ultimate Stack287$200,000$1,970Jon KyteNorway$40,783
11/2/23Event #44: $200 NLH Bounty42$6,720$0Jesse KalbProvidence, RI$1,298
11/3/23Event #45: $200 NLH Bounty39$6,240$0Prashant ThumuSwanee, GA$1,064
11/4/23Event #46: $300 Limit Omaha 8/B27$7,500$885Patrick MurphyNashville, TN$2,452
11/5/23Event #47: $500 NLH Epic Stack54$25,000$2,212Nikhil GeraLas Vegas, NV$7,647
11/6/23Event #48: $400 NLH Epic Stack72$23,976$0Zakariya MouhibLas Vegas, NV$7,341
11/6/23Event #49: $200 NLH Bounty59$9,440$0John GroganCharlotte, NC$2,057
11/7/23Event #50: $400 NLH Epic Bounty100$33,300$0David LesterCincinnati, OH$5,116
11/7/23Event #51: $200 NLH Bounty39$6,240$0Brandon EllingtonDavidson, NC$1,567
11/8/23Event #52: $400 NLH Epic Stack82$27,306$0Howard CornblethLas Vegas, NV$7,885
11/8/23Event #53: $200 NLH Bounty51$8,160$0Kenji YoshimuraGlendale, AZ$1,387
11/12/23Event #54: $600 NLH Ultimate Stack230$150,000$33,850Fernando Rodriguez-VazquezLakeland, FL$25,006
11/9/23Event #55: $200 NLH Bounty52$8,320$0Tsz Yuet LiuCorvallis, OR$818
11/10/23Event #56: $200 NLH Bounty43$6,880$0Florent BoulpiquanteCanada$1,634
11/12/23Event #57: $400 NLH Epic Stack44$20,000$5,348Nathaniel ZollerSuperior, CO$6,910

Whats Coming Up Next?

The next series is already underway at the Venetian. The DeepStack Extravaganza IV series kicked off on November 20 and is slated to run through December 24. The 57-event series offers more than $2.1 million in guaranteed prize pools. Click here for a look at the full schedule.

After that, the DeepStack Extravaganza NYE series will run from December 25, 2023 - January 7, 2024, with $967,000 in guaranteed prize pools.


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