Hustler Casino Live to Host First 24-Hour Live-Stream and Alan Keating is Back

Hustler Casino Live to Host First 24-Hour Live-Stream and Alan Keating is Back

Hustler Casino Live will make history Dec. 1 with the first ever 24-hour poker live-stream, the final day of Alan Keating's return to the popular poker show.

Keating, a fan favorite for his loose unpredictable style of play, hasn't competed on the show since May. He'll return to action Nov. 27 for the first of five days of high stakes poker $100/$200 with a $100,000 minimum buy-in.

Making Poker History

The logistics of streaming for 24 consecutive hours, as Hustler Casino Live's co-owner Ryan Feldman said, isn't going to be easy. Players will bust and get tired, and the commentators and staff will have a difficult time making it through an entire day of work.

As such, there's a plan in place to ensure they make it through the full 24 hours. Feldman explain that for players, "the plan will be to have a wait list and have players on standby ready to come in on-call between certain hours as players bust or quit."

"It will be a lot of work logistically," Feldman said. "Ideally, players will give me a warning when they're thinking about leaving and I'll have a backup ready to go."

It would be difficult for commentators to work the entire session. So, the plan is to rotate different announcers in every few hours. As for if anyone will play the full session, Feldman is unsure but thinks it's possible a couple players could grind through it.

Hustler Casino Live has hosted numerous marathon sessions, but never close to streaming for a full day. In August 2022, a Friday night show became a Saturday morning breakfast show. During that marathon stream, Keating won the biggest pot in HCL history at the time $749,000. That record was cracked months later and in June 2023, Tom Dwan won a $3.1 million pot on the show, which is the largest ever in live-streamed poker history.

Keating will be the biggest draw in the 24-hour game and the entire week, but there are some other deep pocket players scheduled to compete. That includes DoorDash founder Stanley Tang, HCL regulars Nik Airball, Charles Yu, and Andy "Stacks." Car dealership owner Brandon Steven, a regular in high-stakes televised game, is also among those set to play in the historic game, as is Santhosh Suvarna.

If anyone makes it through the entire marathon game from start to finish, Airball and Suvarna are the most likely. That said, if other players are running red hot, they may not want to get up and leave.


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