nuncanemvi Hits the Jackpot in the 888poker $100K Mystery Bounty Main Event

nuncanemvi Hits the Jackpot in the 888poker $100K Mystery Bounty Main Event

Another $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event has come to a thrilling conclusion at 888poker, and "nuncanemvi" is the player who gets to call themselves this tournament's champion for the next seven days.

A field of 837 unique players purchased 208 re-entries between them, resulting in a 1,045-strong field and a guarantee-busting $104,500 prize pool. "nuncanemvi" took home $20,451 of that sum courtesy of coming out on top of an exciting final table and pulling out a cool $12,489 worth of mystery bounties. The $20,451 score is the largest haul so far in this event.

$100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
6Bielsaboy10United Kindgom521,7469

The $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event's final table usually commences with eight players in the hunt for the title, but a double elimination at the end of Day 1 meant only seven players returned for the second and final day. United Kingdom's "blufingbaldy" and Denmark's "Blondal" busted simultaneously, leaving only seven players progressing to Day 2.

The final table chip stacks were not distributed evenly. "Bielsaboy10" and "Mr.Exploiter" sat down with only nine big binds each, while chip leader "andybooo9" and "BehindSpace" returned to the battle with 89 big blinds each.

$100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Results

RankPlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize
4Bielsaboy10United Kingdom$1,034$3,144$4,178

The first elimination of the night was that of "Mr.Exploiter," who moved all-in for six big blinds with ace-nine from under the gun, only for "nuncanemvi" to call with ace-queen in the big blind. A queen on the flop and another on the turn reduced the player count to six.

Six became five when "Ildi2186" fell at the hands of "andybooo9" after losing a crucial coinflip. "Ildi2186" pushed their last seven big blinds into the middle with ace-king, and "andybooo9" called in the big blind with pocket queens. Those queens improved to a boat by the turn, and "Ildi2186" was gone.

Ireland's "pandaman" was the next player heading for the exits after a clash with "andybooo9" did not go to plan. One hand after "Ildi2186" had busted, the action folded to "andybooo9" in the small blind, and they moved all-in with ace-queen. "pandaman" made a stand and called off their 15 big blinds with the dominated king-queen, which was drawing dead by the turn.

Fourth place went to "Bielsaboy10" of the United Kingdom. Their stack had dwindled to 1.8 big blinds at the time of their demise. Their final hand saw "nuncanemvi" limp under the gun with pocket kings, "andybooo9" raise to 7.6 big blinds on the button with queen-seven of spades, and "Bielsaboy10" call off their tiny stack in the big blind with ace-five of diamonds. "nuncanemvi" then pounced and four-bet all-in, folding out the initial raiser. The kings held, and "Bielsaboy10" busted.

After that flurry of activity that saw the field whittled to only three players within 25 minutes of the restart, it took another half hour until heads-up was reached.

"BehindSpace" became the third-place finisher after "nuncanemvi" min-raised on the button, and "BehindSpace" decided to three-bet all-in with ace-trey of diamonds for 16.2 big blinds. "nuncanemvi" snap-called with the superior ace-king, which improved to a Broadway straight on the river.

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That hand gave "nuncanemvi" an 80 to 50 big blind advantage over "andybooo9." The contest was over after only the first hand.

"andybooo9" raised to 2.5 big blinds on the button with pocket aces, "nuncanemvi" three-bet to 8.5 big blinds with king-trey of spades, and "andybooo9" called. An ace-deuce-nine flop with two spades saw "nuncanemvi" lead for 4.1 big blinds and "andybooo9" call. It was a similar story on the ten turn, with "nuncanemvi" leading for 8.4 big blinds and "andybooo9" calling. The six of spades landed on the river, and "nuncanemvi" bet enough to set their opponent all-in. "andybooo9" called off their 29.6 big blind stack only to discover their top set was crushed by the now-champion's flush.

"nuncanemvi" had not only pulled out the $10,000 jackpot mystery bounty before the final table but won almost $2,500 more from other golden envelopes. Add that to the $7,962 first-place prize, and the winner of the latest $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event walked away with $20,451 for their $109 investment.


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