Over $1,500 Added Value in our PokerNews Home Games on PokerStars in November

Over $1,500 Added Value in our PokerNews Home Games on PokerStars in November

We at PokerNews are excited to announce that our Home Games Leaderboard is back in November and readers can continue to pit themselves against one another in our private PokerNews Home Games group on the PokerStars platform.

PokerNews Home Games has already awarded over $8,000 worth of tickets and with games running daily, there is always time to jump and grab some of that juicy value.

Members can compete on the virtual felt on both mobile and desktop, and PokerNews will add incredible value to the heap of tournaments running throughout the year. Don't worry if you are a cash game player, as there will also be a host of cash game tables, at a variety of buy-ins, that will be running so you too can enjoy battling for bragging rights and big blinds.

These exclusive value-added tournaments are set to start on November 1 at 8:00 pm BST, and run daily. The best way to keep up-to-date with the schedule of games will be in our new and improved Discord channel which you can join below.

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Throughout November, PokerNews will be running daily Added Value MTTs in which the winner shall receive a tournament ticket, of $11, for winning the MTT and this is on top of the prizepool itself. Buyins are an affordable $1.10 and there are also Leaderboard prizes for the top 10 finishers at the end of the month. Any MTT in which registration closes with over 30 players, PokerNews will double the 1st place ticket, so the incentive is there to get all of your poker playing buddies involved and get even more value.

PokerNews Home Game Schedule & Added Value

DateTime (GMT)TournamentGameBuyinAdded Value
11/1/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE REBUY$0.55$5.50
11/2/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE$1.10$11
11/3/202320:00November Showdown SeriesBADUGI FL$1.10$11
11/4/202320:00November Showdown SeriesOMAHA NL DEEP$3.30$33
11/5/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE DEEP$3.30$33
11/6/202320:00November Showdown SeriesHORSE$2.20$22
11/7/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE PKO$1.10$11
11/8/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE REBUY$0.11$5.50
11/9/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE$1.10$11
11/10/202320:00November Showdown Series6+ Holdem DEEP$2.20$22
11/11/202320:00November Showdown Series5 Card Omaha DEEP$3.30$33
11/12/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE DEEPSTACK$3.30$33
11/13/202320:00November Showdown Series5 Card Draw$1.10$11
11/14/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE PKO$1.10$11
11/15/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE REBUY$0.55$11
11/16/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE$1.10$11
11/17/202320:00November Showdown SeriesShowtime NLH DEEP$2.20$22
11/18/202320:00November Showdown SeriesFusion NL DEEP$3.30$33
11/19/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE Deepstack$3.30$33
11/20/202320:00November Showdown SeriesRazz$1.10$11
11/21/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE PKO$1.10$11
11/22/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE REBUY$0.11$5.50
11/23/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE$1.10$11
11/24/202320:00November Showdown Series2-7 SINGLE DRAW$2.20$22
11/25/202320:00November Showdown SeriesOMAHA H/L DEEP$1.10$11
11/26/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE DEEPSTACK$3.30$33
11/27/202320:00November Showdown Series8 Game$2.20$22
11/28/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE PKO$1.10$11
11/29/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE REBUY$0.55$11
11/30/202320:00November Showdown SeriesNLHE Final - SLOW GAME$3.30$33

Added Value Leaderboard

On top of the added value tickets on offer in each of the Home Games MTTs during November, PokerNews is also running a Home Games Leaderboard in which the top ten performing players will win additional tickets.

Any player that joins at least one of the NLHE MTTs during November will qualify. All competing players will earn points based on their finishing position in each event, with the top ten points winning additional PokerStars tickets for their efforts.

After the games are played and the dust has settled, the top five players in the standings will not only have earned huge kudos and bragging rights over the competition but will walk away with the following additional value prizes.

Leaderboard Finishing PositionAdded Value Prize
1st$215.00 Ticket
2nd$109.00 Ticket
3rd$55.00 Ticket
4th$22.00 Ticket
5th$11.00 Ticket
6th$5.50 Ticket
7th$5.50 Ticket
8th$5.50 Ticket
9th$5.50 Ticket
10th$5.50 Ticket

So if you want to grab some extra value for a tiny investment then head over and register for our exclusive PokerNews Home Games on PokerStars and be sure to join the PokerNews Discord to follow the leaderboard standings and get the latest news of all promotions that are running.

Join your fellow PokerNews readers in our Discord server, where you'll find exclusive offers, special freerolls, and all the latest poker-related news and tournament live updates.

How to Join the Home Games Club?

It couldn't be simpler to join the Club, all you need to do is go to the Home Games tab in your PokerStars client and click "Join a Club".

If you havent got a PokerStars account already, you need one, so download the software now, set up a new account, and claim a welcome bonus worth up to $600.



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