Aces Cracked to Bust the Bubble on Day 2 of WPT World Championship

Aces Cracked to Bust the Bubble on Day 2 of WPT World Championship

One of the largest poker tournaments in history is in the money. On Level 15, the 481st player busted from the $10,400 buy-in World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship, giving everyone else still standing a sigh of relief.

Day 2 on Saturday began at noon PT with 1,400 players hoping to get a slice of that juicy $40 million prize pool. Unfortunately, for many of them, the dream was shattered before the bubble burst.

Once the tournament officially reached the money, all remaining players were guaranteed at least $18,700, with the potential to win as much as $5,678,000.

Bubble Has Burst

During the final level of play, with more than 500 players still remaining, some players, most notably short stacks, tightened up. But some short stacks were forced to make moves with the blinds all the way up to 10,000/15,000 (15,000 big blind ante). On a few occasions, the big blind was essentially forced all in.

PokerStars ambassador Maria Konnikova faced a similar situation early in the final level with 44 and just a few big blinds facing a raise from Alex Papazian, who had K2. The board ran out clean for the author turned poker pro and she was back to nine big blinds, hoping to sneak into the money.

Perhaps the most impressive accomplishment in the second annual WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas is the defending champion Eliot Hudon reaching the money again. Hudon, who doubled up just before the bubble burst, beat out 2,960 players last year in this same event for $4.1 million.

With about an hour prior to the conclusion of Level 15, the tournament staff implemented the Action Clock, which forces players to act quicker, a measure put in place to prevent stalling around the bubble.

On the fourth hand of hand-for-hand play on the bubble, four players were facing all in situations for their tournament life. At Table 145, Tyler Hirschfeld was all in on a flop of J44 with AA, feeling pretty good about his chances of doubling up. That was until he saw the JJMaryline Valnte was holding a full house.

The turn was the 7 followed by the 10 on the river, no help to Hirschfeld, who was eliminated in 481st place, good for the same amount paid to the first player to bust in the tournament $0.

Many big name pros escaped the bubble, including but not limited to Hossein Ensan, Jacob Ferro, Chance Kornuth, and Chris Hunichen.

Day 2 then came to a conclusion with 36 minutes remaining in Level 15. That is precisely where the tournament will pickup on Sunday at noon from inside the Encore Ballroom. Full chip counts from Day 2 will be available later tonight.

Did Wynn Figure Out the Perfect Bubble Stalling Solution?


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