Become the King or Queen of the TigerGaming Winter Knockout Series

Become the King or Queen of the TigerGaming Winter Knockout Series

Many parts of the world may be freezing cold right now, but the action at TigerGaming is red hot thanks to the $700,000 Winter Knockout Series. Running until December 10, the Winter Knockout Series features over 60 progressive knockout (PKO) tournaments with buy-ins ranging from only $11 right up to $215, and everything else between those two extremes.

Although there is no Winter Knockout Series Main Event as such, there are plenty of tournaments with guarantees large enough to get grinders all hot and bothered. Each day, at 7:30 p.m. ET, TigerGaming runs a $55 buy-in event with a cool $30,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Higher stakes players should look out for two tournaments taking place on December 10, which although not part of the Winter Knockout Series, are the perfect way to conclude the week's action.

First, at 1:30 p.m. ET on December 10, there is a $109 buy-in tournament featuring a $150,000 guarantee on its prize pool. It is the biggest weekly tournament at TigerGaming, and is known as the $150,000 Gtd Main Event.

Two hours later, a $215 buy-in $40,000 guaranteed No-Limit Hold'em PKO kicks off. Both of those high-stakes events have budget satellites from only a handful of dollars.

TigerGaming Winter Knockout Series Schedule

DateTime (ET)EventBuy-inGuarantee
Wed 6 Dec12:30 AM$5,000 GTD PKO$55$5,000
Wed 6 Dec12:30 PM$7,500 GTD$55$7,500
Wed 6 Dec1:00 PM$7,500 GTD$22$7,500
Wed 6 Dec2:15 PM$10,000 GTD$22$10,000
Wed 6 Dec2:30 PM$10,000 GTD PKO$55$10,000
Wed 6 Dec4:30 PM$4,500 GTD PKO$11$4,500
Wed 6 Dec5:45 PM$12,000 GTD$215$12,000
Wed 6 Dec6:30 PM$12,000 GTD 6-Max PKO$109$12,000
Wed 6 Dec7:30 PM$30,000 GTD$55$30,000
Wed 6 Dec8:15 PM$10,000 GTD PKO$215$10,000
Thu 7 Dec12:30 AM$5,000 GTD PKO$55$5,000
Thu 7 Dec12:30 PM$7,500 GTD$55$7,500
Thu 7 Dec1:00 PM$7,500 GTD$22$7,500
Thu 7 Dec2:15 PM$10,000 GTD$22$10,000
Thu 7 Dec2:30 PM$10,000 GTD PKO$55$10,000
Thu 7 Dec4:30 PM$4,500 GTD PKO$11$4,500
Thu 7 Dec5:45 PM$12,000 GTD$215$12,000
Thu 7 Dec6:30 PM$12,000 GTD 6-Max PKO$109$12,000
Thu 7 Dec7:30 PM$30,000 GTD$55$30,000
Thu 7 Dec8:15 PM$10,000 GTD PKO$215$10,000
Fri 8 Dec12:30 AM$5,000 GTD PKO$55$5,000
Fri 8 Dec12:30 PM$7,500 GTD$55$7,500
Fri 8 Dec1:00 PM$7,500 GTD$22$7,500
Fri 8 Dec2:15 PM$10,000 GTD$22$10,000
Fri 8 Dec2:30 PM$10,000 GTD PKO$55$10,000
Fri 8 Dec4:30 PM$4,500 GTD PKO$11$4,500
Fri 8 Dec5:45 PM$12,000 GTD$215$12,000
Fri 8 Dec6:30 PM$12,000 GTD 6-Max PKO$109$12,000
Fri 8 Dec7:30 PM$30,000 GTD$55$30,000
Fri 8 Dec8:15 PM$10,000 GTD PKO$215$10,000
Sat 9 Dec12:30 AM$5,000 GTD PKO$55$5,000
Sat 9 Dec12:30 PM$7,500 GTD$55$7,500
Sat 9 Dec1:00 PM$7,500 GTD$22$7,500
Sat 9 Dec2:15 PM$10,000 GTD$22$10,000
Sat 9 Dec2:30 PM$10,000 GTD PKO$55$10,000
Sat 9 Dec4:30 PM$4,500 GTD PKO$11$4,500
Sat 9 Dec5:45 PM$12,000 GTD$215$12,000
Sat 9 Dec6:30 PM$12,000 GTD 6-Max PKO$109$12,000
Sat 9 Dec7:30 PM$30,000 GTD$55$30,000
Sat 9 Dec8:15 PM$10,000 GTD PKO$215$10,000
Sun 10 Dec12:30 AM$5,000 GTD PKO$55$5,000
Sun 10 Dec9:30 AM$5,000 GTD PKO$33$5,000
Sun 10 Dec1:00 PM$15,000 GTD Mini Main$22$15,000
Sun 10 Dec4:00 PM$20,000 GTD PKO$55$20,000
Sun 10 Dec6:00 PM$3,000 GTD Turbo$22$3,000
Sun 10 Dec7:30 PM$30,000 GTD$55$30,000
Sun 10 Dec9:40 PM$7,500 GTD Turbo PKO$109$7,500
Sun 10 Dec9:40 PM$5,000 GTD Turbo PKO$22$5,000

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