FPN Vegas World Championship at Golden Nugget Will Award $25,000 to Winner

FPN Vegas World Championship at Golden Nugget Will Award $25,000 to Winner

The Free Poker Network (FPN) Vegas $100,000 World Championship is just around the corner and will award $25,000 to the lucky champion. The FPN Vegas $100,000 World Championship will take place Jan. 4-7 at Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas as qualifiers compete for a piece of the $100,000 prize pool.

PokerNews will be on-site to provide live updates for the World Championship Main Event on Jan. 7, as well as the $200 buy-in Tag Team Trophy event on Jan. 6.

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The Championship festival will kick off with several qualifier opportunities, including a $200 buy-in Bar Championship where the top 15% will advance to the Main Event.

All qualifier and chip booster events will award 20,000 chips for the Main Event with unlimited chip-ups. The player with the most chips to start the Main Event will be recognized with a $500 cash reward. Additionally, these events will feature a "Win Back Your Buy-in" opportunity, with the exception of the MEGA Top 25% Qualifier.

There will be $10,000 in mystery bounties in play in the Main Event, giving players an additional sweat as they chase the $25,000 up top with 27 places paid.

The Tag Team Championship, meanwhile, will award Championship belts and pay out $2,500 in cash with the final table advancing to the Main Event.

There will be live stream action on the FPN's YouTube channel for three events: the Bar Championship, Tag Team Championship and Main Event.

There were a number of changes to the FPN qualifying format for 2023, including:

Players could also still qualify through normal means, including online and local tournaments, drawings, instant win scratch cards, and the Tournament of Champions.

In January 2023, Minnesota's Joel Smith took down the FPN Chasin Bracelets National Championship in Las Vegas for his second FPN title and $11,500, while the eight other final tablists received $1,500.

For more information about the upcoming FPS Vegas World Championship, visit freepokernetwork.com.


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