Kick Off Your 2024 Poker Grind at the Galway Poker Festival

Kick Off Your 2024 Poker Grind at the Galway Poker Festival

It's time to mark your calendars and kick off the new year in style with the Irish Poker Tour! The Galway Poker Festival promises an exhilarating week of intense poker action at The Galmont Hotel in Galway.

With a festival guarantee of 500,000, including an additional 25,000 in added value by Paddy Power Poker, the stakes are higher than ever.

Main Event: Galway Poker Cup

The highlight of the festival is the Galway Poker Cup Main Event, boasting an impressive 300,000 guaranteed prize pool. Running from January 4-7, this flagship tournament features a total of five starting flights, offering players multiple chances to secure their spot in the final day.

The buy-in is 600, but players can take advantage of the satellites on Paddy Power Poker and book their seat at the table for a fraction of the price.

Diverse Schedule to Cater to Every Player

The festival's schedule is meticulously crafted to cater to a wide range of players, from novices to seasoned pros. The variety of events ensures there's something for everyone, including satellite tournaments, bounty tournaments, high roller events, and more.

Here's a glimpse of the festival schedule:

PokerStars and Paddy Power Share Schedule for 2024 Irish Poker Open

Galway Poker Festival Full Schedule

DateTimeBuy-InEventGTDAdded By PPP
3/1/246:00 PM130+20Galway Festival Opener + 600 seat Added-600
3/1/249:00 PM85+15Galway Poker Cup Satellite FAST5 x Seats-
4/1/241:00 PM360+40Paddy Power Mystery Bounty Day 150,0005,000
4/1/244:00 PM85+15Galway Poker Cup Satellite3 x Seats-
4/1/246:00 PM540+60Galway Poker Cup Main Event 1A300,00010,000
4/1/248:00 PM180+20H.R. Omaha 7-Max Satellite3 x Seats-
4/1/249:00 PM130+20Irish Poker NLH FREEZEOUT10,000-
5/1/2411:00 AM-Paddy Power Mystery Bounty Final50,0005,000
5/1/2411:00 AM180+20H.R. Omaha 7-Max Satellite2 x Seats-
5/1/2412:00 P540+60Galway Poker Cup Main Event 1B300,00010,000
5/1/241:00 PM85+15Galway Poker Cup Satellite5 x Seats-
5/1/242:00 PM180+20Galway Ladies Poker Championsip5,0001,200
5/1/242:00 PM1,500+150High Roller Omaha 7 Max40,000-
5/1/244:00 PM85+15Galway Poker Cup Satellite5 x Seats-
5/1/245:00 PM540+60Galway Poker Cup Main Event 1C300,00010,000
5/1/247:00 PM180+20Omaha 7-Max 4/5 Card Level of Each 7-Max--
5/1/247:00 PM130+201K One Dayer Satellite Fast2 x Seats-
5/1/248:00 PM270+30Claddagh Poker Cup Day 1A25,000-
6/1/2411:00 AM130+201K One Dayer Satellite2 x Seats-
6/1/2412:00 PM270+30Claddagh Poker Cup Day 1B25,000-
6/1/2412:00 PM540+60Galway Poker Cup Main Event 1D300,00010,000
6/1/2412:30 PM-Paddy Power Twitch 5K Freeroll5,0005,000
6/1/241:00 PM-High Roller Omaha 7 Max Final40,000-
6/1/241:00 PM85+15Galway Poker Cup Satellite5 x Seats-
6/1/241:30 PM130+201K One Dayer Satellite Hyper2 x Seats-
6/1/244:00 PM900+1001k One Dayer30,000-
6/1/245:00 PM540+60Galway Poker Cup Main Event 1E300,00010,000
6/1/247:00 PM130+20Dan Sheridan Poker Cup10,000-
6/1/248:00 PM-Claddagh Poker Cup Day 2 Final25,000-
6/1/249:00 PM180+20High Roller Turbo Satellite2 x Seats-
6/1/2410:00 PM540+60Galway Poker Cup Main Event 1F FAST300,00010,000
7/1/2411:30 AM180+20High Roller Mega Satellite3 x Seats-
7/1/2412:00 PM-Galway Cup Final Day300,00010,000
7/1/241:30 PM180+20High Roller Last Chance Hyper Satellite2 x Seats-
7/1/243:00 PM1500+150High Roller One Dayer40,000-
7/1/244:00 PM175+25Monster Stack20,000-
7/1/247:00 PM180+20Omaha 7 Max + Last Longer option x 1005,000-
7/1/249:00 PM130+20Galway Festival Closer NLH--


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