Kristen Foxen Turns a Full House But is Drawing Dead in WPT Ladies Cash Game

Kristen Foxen Turns a Full House But is Drawing Dead in WPT Ladies Cash Game

The action was intense in the World Poker Tour (WPT) Ladies Cash Game on Thursday, but the hand of the night involved Kristen Foxen who was put in a brutal situation with a full house.

Foxen was joined by some other skilled opponents inside the Encore Ballroom, including Xuan Liu, Lily Kiletto, and Kasey Lyn Mills for some $25/$50 no-limit hold'em on the WPT YouTube channel.

Can She Find a Fold?

Entering the hand, about four hours into the session, Foxen was the game's biggest winner, up more than $11,000. Iris Liu ("Pocky") made it $300 with A6 from early position and received a call from Foxen's 22, Kiletto's 44 in the cutoff, and Liu's K7 in the straddle.

The flop came out 254, creating a set-over-set situation. Foxen bet $500 with bottom set and received calls from Pocky and Kiletto. Following the 4 on the turn, which brought about quads for Kiletto, Pocky decided to bluff with a $2,500 wager. Both players called and the 8 on the river changed nothing.

Pocky, who was drawing dead to both players on the turn, fired out another bluff attempt, this time for $9,000. Foxen opted to just call with a full house before Kiletto moved all in for $20,950. That, of course, forced Pocky to fold, but put Foxen in a difficult situation.

She knew Kiletto didn't really have many, if any bluffs as that isn't a spot where players will attempt a bluff. After about 10 minutes in the tank trying to figure out which made hands she could beatthat would shove on that board, the high-stakes pro was able to find a fold and save an extra $11,000.

Big Hand Fuels Kiletto

The big pot Kiletto won against Foxen wasn't her only one of the day, but it was the key to her $22,750 win, the biggest at the table. Jouhan Allende had the second largest profit ($13,350).

Liu (-$10,650) and Mills (-$10,150) were the only two players to end the night with double-digit deficits. Foxen battled back strong from the cooler hand against Kiletto to finish the stream barely down anything (-$1,375). The same can be said about Pocky, who bluffed off a significant portion of her stack in one hand but only lost $1,900 overall.

Esther "E-Tay" Taylor lost a small amount (-$750), while Ashley Sleeth had a rough session and ended up down $3,425.

The conclusion of the Ladies Cash Game wraps up a series of ladies events during the WPT World Championship Festival. Jamie Kerstetter, who commented on Thursday night stream, hosted a WPT Ladies Meet-Up Game (MUG) at Wynn last week. Lisa Costello shipped the $1,100 WPT Ladies Championship tournament for $85,297 on Dec. 9.


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